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Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd is a website that enables parents easy access to their children’s school canteen, 24 days 7 days a week. We have developed a program using state of the art technology that will enable your user experience to be simple and easy to use, whilst at the same time, empowering parents to help select their children’s food choices whilst at school. The Ultimate Schools website enables parents and students alike to partake in an experience that will change their lives.

Ultimate Schools will be launched in January 2014. After spending over 12 months in the research and development stage, we feel our website has progressed  to a point that empowers the school community to be able to stand out from the crowd whilst at the same time making it easy for time poor parents.

Ultimate Schools Head Office is in Melton, Victoria, which is 40 kms west of Melbourne CBD.

"The Ultimate Schools mission is to make your life easier"

The Ultimate Schools Mission Statement

"‘Simple is Beautiful’, we do all the hard work to make it easy for you"

Ultimate Schools Development Team

Our Directors and all our staff have a main focus and belief which is ‘Simple is Beautiful’. Unfortunately, for us to make it simple for the you, it needs to be complicated for us to design and implement. We are ok with that, in fact we love it!

We have carried this simplistic theme throughout the design and scope of the whole Ultimate Schools Web Application.


Andrew Docherty (Co-Founder)

Andrew has been working in the Information Technology sector for over 20 years. Beginning working for large companies in the early 2000’s Andrew migrated to Small Business ownership where he co-owned and ran a small IT business with Tehan Coad in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Andrew’s previous experience in Website Design and Database Management does not stop there, with him more than capable to repair and diagnose complicated network issues.

On a personal front Andrew supports the Western Bulldogs in the AFL, and in the typical Australian spirit enjoys just about all forms of sport.

Tehan Coad

Tehan Coad (Co-Founder)

Tehan is the youngest of our Directors and has been working within the technical field of the IT industry for close to 15 years beginning with similar origins to Andrew Docherty with experience working with and for large companies in Website Design and Development through to Database Management.

In early 2011 Tehan and Andrew opened TEDOC IT Solutions a small IT company whose main focus was to help small businesses understand the IT sector and how to apply it to their business.

On a personal note Tehan enjoys spending time playing computer games and takes time out with his new family.

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