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Refund Policy for Goods and Services

The following Refund Policy, and any terms and definitions within it, should be read in conjunction with the Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions Agreement located on the Ultimate Schools website, which can be viewed at http://ultimateschools.com.au/terms-conditions/ and is available in hard copy upon request.

If any part of this Refund Policy is inconsistent with any terms set out in the Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions Policy, the terms of this Refund Policy will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd is simply an agent for the purchase of tokens to be redeemed between the Registered User and the Service Provider and takes no responsibility for the delivery of Goods to the Authorised User or Account Holder.

In the event of a Registered User reporting to Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd either the failure of the goods being supplied or unsatisfactory upon receipt, then Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd will forward the details of the Registered User through to the Service Provider of the Goods.

If the Service Provider agrees to provide a full or partial refund, it is the responsibility of the Service Provider to; either refund the customer directly, or to provide the refund value to Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd and have Ultimate Schools credit the customer’s account in registered tokens.

Ultimate Schools Pty Ltd will not provide cash refunds to the customer for individual purchases.

Account Closure

In the event of receiving a request from the Registered User to close their Account, Ultimate Schools will refund the remaining value of the Registered Tokens to the nominated bank account of the Registered User.

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